The Portrait Provocateur Workshop

Welcome to my workshop

provocateur: a writer, artist, political activist, etc. whose works, ideas, or activities are regarded as a threat to accepted values or practices

Ever felt lost, stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find your voice? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or have been shooting for just a few years, this workshop is for you.

My goal is very simple…..for you to leave the workshop inspired, a new direction and the practical knowledge to create remarkable and meaningful portrait and fashion photography under any circumstance. No holds barred.

we’ll be covering…….


  • A concise history of portrait and fashion photography.
  • How a portrait must be a reflection of you in order to achieve a truly unique photograph. (It might get deep)
  • Detailed demonstrations.
  • Shooting models and “real people” in studio and on location. In both beautiful and less than ideal situations.
  • How to be your own wardrobe stylist.
  • Working with a hair and make up artist.
  • Demystifying working with film, medium and large format cameras, even if you shoot 100% digital it’s wonderful therapy.
  • Precise editing and post production.
  • Q&A.


July 25 – 26, 2016
Charlotte, NC

Cost, 600.00, 2 days

Space is limited to 20 attendees.

I would encourage you to call or email with any questions, I’d love to learn about where you’re at, where you’re heading and  get you booked in 704.890.7500

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